Carry on Building your Positive Intelligence (PQ)

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We welcome back all of you who have completed the 8 week Positive Intelligence programme, either with Kate Flory or another PQ Certified Mental Fitness Coach.

Over the coming 6 sessions you can revisit those slippery Saboteurs and savour the wisdom of your Sage through this additional, self-led material and video contemplations.

Over the 6 weeks, here is what to expect:

Getting Ready Session - we'll get you ready by reminding you of what we have covered as well as sharing with you what is to come.

Session 1 - we'll spend time revisiting your Judge and discover in more detail how they play the 'when then game', helping you to notice how we can often judge our situations and circumstances.  In this week we will also learn how our Saboteurs are actually hiding some of our hidden talents.

Session 2 - we will learn how our body holds wisdom and insight, as we return to our Sage Embodiment contemplation. Here we will visit our Navigate Sage Power.

Session 3 is a Reminder Session  - we'll invite you to return to your intention and to remember what motivates you to carry on building your Positive Intelligence.

Session 4 - we will continue capturing our Sage Embodiment, this time connecting with our Explore Sage Power.  As in week 2, we will take time to capture in words and pictures not only how this power looks and sounds, but all the 5 Sage Powers.

Session 5 - we'll spend time developing your values list, understanding where your inner compass is guiding you.  From here we will bring together our role models, our Sage powers and our values as we create our own Sage Tree.

Session 6  - in this final week, we'll consider how to carry on your PQ practice without the aid of the Positive Intelligence app and we'll share different PQs that we and other PQ Podders have loved bringing into their home and working lives.

Buying note - if you are buying this programme on behalf of someone else, you will need to provide their email address in order for them to access the course. 

(If you are looking to access this session on your phone, we'd recommend you download the A New Spring app)

Carry on Building your Positive Intelligence (PQ)

6-week self-led programme, taking a deeper dive into your Saboteurs and Sages. Designed for PQ Podd...