FREE DEMO - Mental Fitness HIIT Session

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This free demo into the 5 day Mental Fitness HIIT session, we will give you an insight into the short, sharp and easy to use mindfulness practices and positive powerful reflections that will help you move from a negative to a positive mindset.

Why call it HIIT?  Standing for High Intensity Impact Training, just like taking care of your physical fitness through regular exercise, we will be sharing with you Mental Fitness exercises to do daily.  They take as little as 15 minutes!  To dig a bit deeper we've also added some additional material to support each daily HIIT practice.

In our demo we show you real videos that offer you a:

  • 1 minute mindfulness moment
  • 5 minute mindfulness practice
  • positive reflection
We hope you will enjoy this sneak peek into our fuller sessions that will have you consider what to be grateful for, what drains and recharges you, the impact of words can have and how to choose more empowering words, the importance of taking a power break and how to create your own ABC self care plan.
Tempted to sign up straight away?  Then come along to the 5 day session now.
(If you are looking to access this session on your phone, we'd recommend you download the A New Spring app)

FREE DEMO - Mental Fitness HIIT Session

Take a sneak peak into what our online Mental Fitness HIIT session is all about, before you sign up ...